We are committed to making this website as accessible as possible, and see this as an ongoing process of getting feedback and making changes. As the site has only just gone live we are still putting some of the accessibility features in place, so please bear with us! Below is a description of what to expect.

Assistive Technology

You should be able to access this site’s information using assistive technology, like JAWS (Job Access With Speech), NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. It should also be usable with screen magnifiers and your operating system’s speech recognition software. Let us know if you have any issues using assistive technology on our website by emailing

Alt Text

All relevant images will have descriptive alt text attributed to them. Please note this is something we are currently putting in place and so far have added alt text for all images in 'projects' and 'b(l)log' folders. We hope to have completed alt text for the other sections by 30th May 2021.


All videos are/ will be audio described and / or transcribed with accompanying text, and captioned. We are still working on this, but all updates will be made by 30th May 2021.

Site Structure

We hope the structure of the website is clear and easy to navigate. It is inspired by a compost pile, so in the 'Heap' section you will find a randomised pile of our projects, events, publications and blogs. These things are filtered in the sections below so you can just look at 'projects' or 'events' or whatever interests you. The 'core team', 'what we do' & 'products and services' are separate to the 'Heap', and structure their content in a slightly different way. Please share any feedback you have about your experience of navigating the site.


We have ensured that all pages of the website have a clear heading structure and are therefore easy to navigate with screen readers and keyboard controls.

Text contrast and size

We have used a minimum contrast of 4.5:1 for text and background contrasts. We have used a minimum font size of 14, which can be enlarged by 200% using your browser’s magnification tool.


We have tried to choose bold and clear colours throughout the website. It may be possible for you to change the colour scheme to one which is better suited to you using your browser. This link provides information on how to change the colours:


We have tried to make the purpose of any links we have included clear. All external links will open in a new tab and internal links will open in the same tab.