We are a varied workers’ co-operative made up of radical plumbers, compostists, architects, makers, builders, activists, researchers, worms, growers, artists, poets, facilitators, and ecologists.

Our aim is to create meaningful, supportive and sustainable labour conditions for our team and collaborators, prioritising mental health, accessibility and learning together. As a co-op, members have an equal share in decision making, pay and company ownership. If you are interested in working with us, please send a message to

Hari Byles
Hari is a community gardener, researcher and compostist. Their focus is on accessibility, sustainability, soil care and alternative sanitation which they attempt to weave together through the building of accessible compost toilets and other composting facilities. They have been studying soil microbiology and microscopy with Dr Elaine Ingham, alongside running workshops to facilitate conversations about soil health and our relationship to microbes.
Olly Edmonds
Olly is an ecologist curious about the interconnectedness within nature, why things are and are not in balance, how spatial scale affects processes and what ecological restoration might look like. He currently lives in North Devon and works both on Exmoor and in London through involvement in a range of conservation and land management projects. He loves bats although would call himself a generalist.
Shumaisa Khan
Shumaisa follows the meandering path that her zeal for solidarity economics, cultural repair, regenerative systems, and earth-based healing leads her. She sees solutions and possibilities everywhere, and loves facilitating beneficial connections to spread and amplify these. Among her favorite things in life are serendipitous, unplanned interactions — experiences she’s devoted to keeping from the brink of extinction.
Linden Katherine McMahon
Linden is a writer, performer, and arts & nature connection facilitator. They try to use poetry and stories towards building more just, more sustainable, kinder futures through community and solidarity. They also like baking elaborate desserts, making pots, and reading sci-fi books.
Meghan Butt
Meghan is a facilitator, organiser and trauma-informed dog trainer/behaviour coach, inspired by the emancipatory power of interspecies solidarity and kinship. They love holding space for reflection, creation, visioning and connection, and moving along emergent processes in collaboration with others. They support people to be in better relationship with dogs based on principles of attunement, curiosity, autonomy, and joy.
Jo Kamal
Jo (they/them) is a food grower and political organiser mobilising on anti-oppression and liberatory work within the agroecology movement. They have a background in decolonial research and have been growing food on farms and market gardens for four years. Jo works closely with medicinal herbs, loves cold swimming, and is rooted in a commitment to healing justice.