Products & Services
Consultation (compost mentoring)

If you would like to explore what might be the best composting system/s for you/ your site, we offer a consultation service which includes tours and demos of existing systems, soil analysis and microscopy, site visits, and facilitated discussions.

Handcrafted ceramic bathroom instruments

basins, toilets, urinals, STPs, urine diverters and pipes. These objects are saggar-fired with organic materials such as various manures (wormanure, humanure), bison hair, herbs and feathers. They are formed to fit different bodies and practices.

Co-designed with our team and created by the artist, Nissa Nishikawa.

Living Compost

worm compost, leaf mould, thermal compost, humanure

We sell a range of different living composts on small and large scales. Unlike many commercial compost providers we don’t sterilise our compost, so it comes to you as a live product, teaming with bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, and microarthropods, essential for building healthy soil and resilient plants. Our composts can be used as potting/ sowing mediums, as a high nutrient mulch, soil conditioner or top soil.

Bespoke wormeries

Wormeries are a fantastic way to recycle foodwaste and turn it into a high nutrient fertiliser and compost. Using recycled materials, we can work with you to design and build a wormery suitable for your space, be it a community garden, housing estate, office, flat, boat, cafe/ kitchen or community space.

Compost bays

We are experienced with building rodent proof composting bays & accessible signage systems for shared use. These are great for composting a mixture of garden and selected foodwaste to produce homemade compost.

Community compost toilets

We offer co-design, consultation and building services for composting toilets. Whether you have an existing toilet in need of work, or are hoping to build a brand new one, our team can work with you to ensure it is accessible, low maintenance, beautiful, useable and integrated with your local ecosystems.


We produce and sell a range of zines to share knowledge, experience and learning from our work. You can purchase our zines online via etsy, at one of our stalls, or commission us to make one for your project.


We sell seed mixes for soil improvement and medicinal use, you can buy seed bomb making kits or purchase seeds inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.

Soil care activity packs

for schools, community groups, & individuals. Activity packs can be tailored to age group and audience.


We offer a wide range of workshops exploring human relationships with alter-life / microbes / waste / soil / seeds/ ecology and food, for all age groups. Through our workshops we combine creative and scientific ways of knowing, using methods ranging from microscopy to poetry, story telling, seed swapping, making, observing, and building. Below is a list of workshops we have run previously, see also our 'Events' page for more examples.


  • ~ Creative Writing & Nature Connection workshops
  • ~ Remaking the Soil Food Web: crafting new representations of the SFW through activities, games & making
  • ~ Soil Oracles: collaborative practice, tarot and soil life
  • ~ Soil Ecologies: DIY soil testing, explorations and creative writing
  • ~ Through the Microscope: The lively art of decomposition, fermentation and transformation
  • ~ Seed Stories and Symbionts: swapping stories and seeds around the microscope
  • ~ Microscopic Lunch Series: shared lunch and microscope gazing
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